The most prioritized issue of the world is the development of environmentally friendly renewable energy sources instead of the rapidly depleted traditional energy sources. Turkey with annual energy imports worth USD 40 billion has a huge renewable energy potential which can be developed from indigenous resources.

Liquid bio fuels produced from renewable resources have emerged as an alternative to petroleum based liquid fuels. However, since all the renewable resources to be used in the production of liquid bio fuels are also agricultural products used as food, their production in huge amounts has threatened food production and their use has been limited. The natural resource with relatively much higher fuel efficiency with regard to other resources and which is not food are micro algae. Fuel production from micro algae has been in commercial use since 2011 and the fuel is put into use by US Air and Naval Forces. Micro algae based diesel is also being sold to civilian consumers in the California State of US since 2012.

Yosun Technology has analyzed all the technologies in the world regarding production of jet fuel, diesel, and gas, and has prepared detailed reports for application in Turkey.

Yosun Technology also offers technology alternatives and feasibilities for electric energy and heat production from domestic and industrial wastes.


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