In this context TÜBİTAK has formed numerous grant and subsidy mechanisms

Industry R&D Project Grants for which we at Yosun Technologies prepare the application projects;

- 1501 Industry R&D Projects Support Programme
- 1503 Project Markets Support Programme
- 1505 TÜBİTAK University Industry Cooperation Support Programme
- 1507 SME R&D Start Up Support Programme
- 1509 International Industry R&D Projects Support Programme
- 1511 TÜBİTAK Priority Fields Research Technology Development and Innovation Projects Support Programme
- 1512 TÜBİTAK Personal Entrepreneurship Progressive Support Programme

Our services also include preparation of Project Files to apply for project grants from Turkish Technology Development Foundation, KOSGEB, SANTEZ, Development Foundations.

Grant programmes differ from donations and other gratuitous financial resources in that they include a simultaneous process called “follow-up” when your current project moves to the implementation stage.

Follow-Up Process comprises;

- Regular data collection regarding project progress at the implementation stage
-Comparison of project’s current state and the plans included in the project application
-Recognition of problems, deficiencies, and achievements
-Design of prevention measures for problems and deficiencies, and additional activities

Main purpose is to continuously follow up and evaluate the project implementation process, to pin down potential deficiencies and intervene in time, and to enable necessary revisions to make the project more effective and more efficient

Projects owners should systematically do “project cycle management” in order to elude the follow-up processes in the smoothest way possible. The donor institutions that provide grants request a standard approach at the preparation and implementation phases. Project Cycle Management is a management approach that comprises designing a project from an initial idea, implementing it and evaluating.

Main components of a project cycle:

a) Identification of the project idea,
b) Transforming this idea into a project proposal for a grant programme,
c) The individual applying for the grant should be the sole responsible for the implementation and follow-up stages of the project despite the availability of some outside support

a)Identification of the project idea,

Prior to undertaking a project, the steps you should take are, respectively:
- Analyze the current state that your cooperation thinks is problematic and/or is prone to improvement
- Identify your objectives
- Define your methods and mechanisms to reach these objectives within your internal and external resources frame

b)Transforming the “Project Idea” into “Project”

“Project Idea” and “Project” should not be confused with each other. In order for the Project Idea to be transformed into Project, it should include in a suitable format during the planning phase major inputs such as an objective, a goal, outputs, project team, stakeholders, activities, a time schedule, and a budget. In grant programmes, project proposal templates are pre-defined to ease the workload of both the applicants and of the decision makers who will both select and follow up the projects. Proper filling of these proposal templates help you express your thoughts in the best ways possible.

c)Points to consider while implementing your project

Each project has idiosyncratic characteristics and each project has particularly demanding attributes in order to handle the project in the best way possible. Additionally, the summary points given below are of importance for all grant projects. Most of these points are also of subjects for which you are legally bound before the contract authority

- Definitely document your activates
- Definitely keep up with the activity schedule
- Watch your verifiable success indicators
- Pin down problems in time and intervene before late
- Comply with visibility rules
- Don't overspend
- Document your expenses

d)What are the issues encountered at project implementation?
Some examples regarding issues encountered during project implementation:
- Delays in implementing the contract
- Poor quality of project services
- Significant changes encountered in activities
- Troubles encountered with related government agencies
- Insufficiency in technical and financial documentation
- Poor quality in project management
- Changes in the legal entities of grant taker and its shareholders

When the contract authority detects a problem similar to those above it warns you regarding corrective actions for troubleshooting and closely monitors the implementation of these actions. If corrective action is not implemented and/ or the problem is not solved termination of the contract issue comes afore in line with the General Terms of the Grant Agreement.

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