Technology Management

Technology management systems include;
- Human capital management ( engineers and academicians)
- Project management ( R&D and engineering)
- Research and Management of Technical Organizations
- Management of Critical Resources
- Innovation Management
- Management of present and new technologies
- Strategic technology management

Two parallel and simultaneous methods should be considered when planning Technology Management:
- Short-term and Medium-term technology planning (this method will be the "market pull" model based on demand)
- Long-term technology planning (this method will be the "technology push" model based on supply)

The essential steps we take towards preparation of a technological road map projects are generally as below:
- Identification of technology evaluation, selection, planning and management processes, and preparation of related procedure
- Identification of key stakeholders and needs assessment
- Taking inventories of present products and technologies in the sector, preparation of product-technology tree
- Sector analysis, identification of sect oral development trends, identification of sect oral scenarios and assessment of the impact of these scenarios to product and technology development
- Preparation of product and technology lists
- Prioritization (along economic, doable, competitive etc. criteria)
SWOT analysis and risk analysis of prioritized product and technologies
- Preparation of Technology Plan
- Identification of information and technology management processes intended for the management of the plan and its regular evaluation, development of corporate capacity along these lines

Technology road map is a plan that correlates short & long term goals and includes technological solutions that help reach these goals. This plan is applied to a new product, a new process, and a nascent technology. There are three main uses of a technology road map:

1. identifies the needs and identifies the technologies to meet these needs
2. Creates a forecasting mechanism for technological development
3. Creates a planning and coordination frame for technology development

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